Types of paper and usage of that

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About Paper and Types of that
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Types of paper and usage of that

Paper is one of the most widely used in the world today. In addition to writing, has a variety of use and applications that you can see in your daily life.

Types of them

The paper mills produce about 5 types in general category as follows:

Parchment and Calk

Is a thin, white, cellulose paper that is sometimes mistakenly referred to as wax paper or opaque paper.

Calk paper

Which is also called trimming or drawing is a paper that has a slight blur and turbidity that allows light to pass though.


Types of printed paper made from chemical paste, consisting of a variety of coated and uncoated fines usually containing small amounts of chemical paste, or no chemical paste.


Typically, these papers are thick and upright. This paper is made plain with a high level and is known as the name of wizard.

Paper news print

Cheap, found in rolls and sheets. It has high absorbance and is usually used for printing newspaper with offset and letterpress machines.

Coated paper –Matt and Glossy

Glossy or opaque papers that are of good quality in color printing.

Recycle of them

The paper is produced by cutting the trees and using their trunk and wood.

This will consume costly energy and increase energy consumption by destroying forests and increasing air pollution.

Effective factors in recovery

  • chemical materials.
  • The method of collecting and classifying paper
  • Printing ink form
  • Trash waste life


In Photography

What kind of are used in photography? In photography, more is used when printing a photo, which is, of course special paper. Photographic paper is a lightweight paper based that is used to print a photo.

In Bank

The printing of banknotes is done in a dry effest  , and the paper used is a paperback made of cotton and processed in a special method.

In Schools

Approximately 40000 of paper are consumed annually in the textbook, office, test papers of students at schools.

In Sewing

Seamstresses and dress designers use patterns to sew paper. Paper used in pattern design: Graph paper and oily paper (dermal)

In Aviculture

Why do aviculture use paper and cardboard? Aviculture house are large halls or chests where eggs are hatched or chickens are grown. In both cases, paper and cardboard are used for chicken agriculture.

The benefits of use paper in aviculture

  • Due to the warm atmosphere in the aviculture in the cold season, paper works like thermal insulation.
  • Prevents excessive use of water for continuous bird care.
  • Extend and moisture is prevented.

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