Carton and Paper Industry

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کاغذ و انواع آن
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Carton and paper industry

The carton and box industry first began in China and then entered Iran. The history of carton and box productions revert to the years before and after the invention of paper.The first paper mill was established in the 6th century, and in Iran the first mill was founded in Kahrizak in 1328 that its raw materials for the production of it were waste paper.

One of the most modern mills in Iran, can be the “Hafttappe” in Khuzestan, which began its activity in 1349 that its raw materials for producing were cane sugar.The carton industry was also popularized after the paper industry and was used in many countries to improve and accelerate the transportation, supply and maintenance of products, and made significant progress in the industry.With the increase of products and products in various industries, packaging has became important so that without reliable packaging, delivery of products will not be possible and will deal with numerous problems.

Effective Factors in Carton’s Quality

The use of high quality raw materials in carton production is one of the most important factors that should be taken into consideration before being put on the market.


Due to the fact that the paper and carton are made of wood fibers, they absorb the moisture of the environment. If they do not use anti-moisture, then the fiber is separated from each other after absorption. Humidity is the most important destructive factor in keepingthem, which must be controlled.

The light

If the light increases the temperature, it can be a factor in the destruction of paper, but otherwise it may only lead to change of color.


All strong acids are effective on paper and cardboard, such as Sulfuric acid and Chloride. All oils and fatty substances also reduce their resistance and eliminate the strength of the raw materials.

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