About Paper and Types of that

arasanj alborz
Carton and Paper Industry
arasanj alborz
Types of paper and usage of that

What is paper and types of that

One of the things that has a great impact on the cost of paper and paperboard is consumption, but in the past, it should be noted that the non- matching of its type with product may overwhelm if use.

What is paper

It  is a material used to be made of linen, hemp or wood agricultural wastes and in scientific terms the density of cellulose fibers that irregularly interact with each other and as a result, a compact substance it is achieve in different dimensions and weights. Tease Loon obtained a paste soaking silk free pieces of water, creating a first firm of paper to be flattened and dried.

Egyptians people have been advancing in this invention and in many ways reflect that level of scientific and cultural growth of society.

arasanj alborz

The role of that

plays an important role in collecting and sorting information and knowledge of mankind, which is the result of its experience and thoughts.

In the paper industry, types are divided in to four main groups:

The first group; Graphic paperboard.

The second group; Types of packaging cards.

The third: Health papers,

The forth; Industrial paper for electronic.

The invention of a paper making machine

The increasing use of paper has led to the invention of a paper making machine in the last two centuries. In Iran, the first  machine was launched during the first Pahlavi regimen in Karaj.

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